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    Gloves have been a major part of history from primitive times until the present. Ranging from the incriminating glove in The history of Herodotus to the discriminating gloves featured on the catwalks of today, gloves have always been part of the history of prosperous and exciting people.

    Our firm, MARCOLEV EXIM is a private leather gloves manufacturing company with romanian capital, established in 1994.

          Since the beginning, the company was growing every year based on the famous glove manufacturing tradition existed in Targu Mures, tradition which goes back to year 1925. That's why we are among the very few who makes real handmade gloves, working with table cut solution.

          We are manufacturing in the present more then 55.000 pair classical and fashion leather gloves in a year, mostly exported to our customers in Scandinavia, Austria, Belgium, Russia and Italy.

The company is located in the center of Romania, in Transylvania region, the land of legends, but also of hard working people. If you are interested, please contact us.

Adresa: ROMANIA, 5440089 Târgu-Mures Str. Spitalului Vechi no. 10
Phone/Fax: +40-265-250415
E-mail: marcolevexim@hotmail.com

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